1. Association

1.1. The name of the Association shall be “Aid & Development”.

1.2. Subtitle shall be “International Association for Aid and Sustainable Development”.

1.3. The Association is registered in the municipality of Horsens, Denmark as charitable association in the record of Danish Business Authority and in accordance with Danish law.

1.4. The Association registration number (CVR) is 39922029.

1.5. The official website of the Association is

1.6. The Association’s Articles of Association shall be public and shall be accessible on the website.

2. Objectives

2.1. We are non-profit, independent, non-governmental and politically neutral.

2.2. Our vision is to help needy people in the short and long term.

2.3. Our mission is to organize aid and accomplish sustainable development projects.

2.4. Our primary objective is to help people with access to basic needs as food, water, clothes, health, housing, education and sustainable income.

2.5. Our secondary objective is to mobilize people and community for peaceful conflict resolutions and fight ethnic based discrimination.

2.6. The operational area is worldwide and we cooperate with collaborators on international, national or regional basis to achieve our aims.

3. Members

3.1. Anyone who can join the purpose of the Association can become Active Member.

3.2. A Membership is obtained when the membership fee is paid and is valid for one year.

3.3. Any Active Member of the Association can attend and vote on General Assembly meetings.

3.4. The subscription fee for Active Members of the Association is determined by the General Assembly.

4. Leadership

4.1. The Association’s supreme authority is the General Assembly.

4.2. Legal representation of the Association shall vest in the President, the Treasurer and the Secretary.

4.3. The Executive Committee shall establish the Rules of procedures for the Association.

4.4. The appointment of new Board Members shall be approved at the next Annual General Assembly.

4.5. The Executive Committee is authorized to appoint External Advisory Committees to support it in its role.

5. Board of Founders

5.1. Members of the Board of Founders have the privilege that they are entitled to be a member of the Executive Committee. The Board of Founders are:

  • Gervais Rugenge Baguma – DR Congo
  • Justin Baraka Kabayu – Denmark
  • Dieudonné Kapinga Musgahalusa – Denmark
  • Séraphin Kujirabwinja Kasamira – DR Congo
  • Jonas Hinge Hansen – Denmark

6. Executive Committee

6.1. The Executive Committee shall consist of 5 to 9 board members.

6.2. The Executive Committee who also defines its daily tasks carries out the daily management of the Association.

6.3. The Summary of all decisions shall be accessible on the website.

7. General Assembly Meetings

7.1. The Annual General Assembly is held once a year before the end of May.

7.2. Notice of the day, time, place and the agenda of the General Assembly shall be announced on the official website at least 30 days before the meeting.

7.3. Proposals for the Annual General Assembly shall be given in writing to the Executive Committee by any Active Member and at least one week prior to the meeting.

7.4. The Annual General Assembly shall have at least the following agenda:

  • Election of moderator of the General Assembly.
  • Approval of the Executive Committee’s report on the year that has passed.
  • Approval of the Association’s annual financial statement for the previous year.
  • Approval of the budget for the current year.
  • Determination of the yearly membership fee.
  • Processing of proposals received from the Executive Committee or Active Members.
  • Election of the Members of the Executive Committee according to section 7.
  • Election of the financial auditor and the deputy financial auditor.
  • Optionally.

7.5. Each Active Member has one sole vote. Simple majority takes decisions.

7.6. Another Active Member can represent an Active Member if written notice has been given to the Executive Committee prior to the meeting. An Active Member cannot represent more than one Active Member.

7.7. Extraordinary General Assembly meetings may be summoned by the Executive Committee at any time and shall be summoned if at least 10% of its Members so request in writing to the Executive Committee.

8. Funds

8.1. The funds of the Association shall be collected from memberships, cooperation partners, fundraising activities, voluntary contributions, donations, grants, benefactors, authorities and any other association or institution.

8.2. Any Excess of funds generated from its activities shall always be reinvested in the Association.

8.3. Any excess of received grants shall be refunded to the grant provider unless otherwise agreed.

8.4. The financial year shall begin on 1st of January and end on 31st of December.

8.5. The annual financial statement shall be audited and subsequently approved at the annual General Assembly.

8.6. The annual financial statement shall be calculated in accordance with the applicable Danish laws in force at any time.

8.7. The Executive Committee may grant powers of procuration.

8.8. The Associations Executive Committee or Active Members are not personally liable for the Associations debts or other obligations.

9. Exclusion

9.1. An Active Member of the Association, Board of Founders and Executive Committee may be excluded if the member in case of actions harms the interest or reputation of the Association. Exclusion requires at least 75% the votes of all Members of the Executive Committee.

10. Amendments

10.1. The Articles of Association may be revoked, added to or altered on a General Assembly and it requires at least 75% of all votes.

11. Dissolution

11.1. Decision on dissolution of the Association can be taken only on a General Assembly and it requires at least 75% of all votes.

11.2. Should the Association be dissolved, the available funds shall be transferred to the original contributors. Subsequent excess assets to a non-profit organization in Denmark pursuing public interest goals similar to those of the Association. Under no circumstances should the assets be returned to the Founders or Members. Nor should they use a part or a total of assets for their own benefit.

12. Track record

The Articles of Association have been unanimously approved by the Board of Founders at the Founding General Assembly on 18th of November 2018.